24 August 2013

Busiek on Rom Reference in Avengers Forever

Fresh from Kurt Busiek's Spring.me account:
KurtBusiek responded to joltcity 22 Aug
This is a silly question about something you wrote a long while back, but: I was re-reading AVENGERS FOREVER # 1 and noticed that Rom, Spaceknight was mentioned. Was this something that had to be cleared with Hasbro? Just curious.

No, it wasn't. I was prepared to rewrite that caption if Marvel told me I couldn't even mention Rom's name, but they didn't say anything.

Maybe I should have avoided naming him and they just missed it, maybe naming him as a side-reference like that is just fine. I don't really know. But nobody made a fuss about it.

I'm thinking this isn't the first time a creator has mentioned that they received no problems from editorial when they mentioned Rom, but the other example isn't coming to me.  Nor have I found it with a quick search.

[EDIT: I'm almost positive I asked Peter David about Rom's appearance in Hulk #418 during one of his open question and answer sessions on his site and he replied, but I can't find it now! Can anyone help?]

I asked Peter David two years ago about his use of Rom in Hulk #418 and whether anyone in Marvel said anything.  He replied:
Nope. Nobody said anything, probably because I had him in human form rather than as a robot.
(A big "thank you" to Anthony Malena of the Galador mailing list for helping locate that for me!)

In general, Marvel editorial doesn't seem to care about mentioning or sometimes even showing Rom as long as it's minor.  Things like the Spaceknights limited series are obviously another matter and a story I need to share sometime.


  1. Lee, can you scan and post the panel where ROM is mentioned?

  2. Ask and ye shall receive, Shlomo.

    1. such as it should be for the chosen people. thanks for posting that can you believe i was browsing at that issue in a dollar bin a couple of months ago but obviously i didn't catch that.

  3. Awesome info about what can slip by ROM wise sometimes