28 February 1995

Interesting find in Oz

[Originally posted to rec.games.video.classic.]

On my recent trip to Australia, I spotted a few odd cartridges. There was this guy at a "flea" market called Paddy's market selling brand new Atari 2600 hardware & games. Amongst his games were a pirated copy of The Empire Strikes Back called Star Warriors. The front was simplistic artwork of an AT-AT firing at the Millenium Falcon & an X-Wing. The back had a screenshot, so I knew what it was. I didn't make note of the supposed co. that made it.

Another interesting item was a set of 4 Activision games all sold in one box. I don't remember all the titles now, but I didn't have any of them. One was Plaque Attack, I think. I also saw a game by Atari I'd never heard of called Motorodeo. I noticed that the boxes were the same as the boxes the last few games Atari release came in, including the "Winners don't use drugs" message from the FBI. I checked a non-shrinkwrapped copy to be sure it was PAL. There was a big P sticker stuck to the bottom of the cartridge.

Now that I'm back, I discover Motorodeo is rated ER by VGR! Furthermore, I find that PAL games MIGHT have worked on my system, just with screwy colors. I'm going to be kicking myself for a long time for not buying those games! Oh, well, at least I got my joypads (see separate message: Joypads found in Australia!).

[Fifteen years later, I still wish I'd had more money to buy Atari stuff while we were in Australia. —March 7, 2010]