10 January 1996

Tip of the Moment (company in the red)

Tip of the moment: Don't work for a company that's been in the red for 10 quarters.

I, along with a few hundred others, was laid off from Intergraph after working there for two years. They were unprofitable during that entire time and eariler. Ironically, Intergraph kept hiring during this period. Although they did indeed manage to get back in the black the following quarter, it wasn't long until they were back in the red.

[From my "Past Tips of the Moment and Past Thoughts" page. This was the second tip and second post overall. This one was listed as being in 1995, but the page creation date is 10 Jan 1996. Since I was let go at the beginning of Q3 1995, it would have had to be at least Q1 1996 before I'd know Intergraph was back in the red. — 28 May 2009]