26 February 1996

Thought (fortune cookie)

Current thought: "You will receive a fortune. (cookie)"

This was the fortune in a fortune cookie I received, misplaced period and all. With accuracy like that, it's a shame Alabama doesn't have a lottery. I'm sure the numbers on the back would have been the previous week's winners. 8)

[From my "Past Tips of the Moment and Past Thoughts" page. This was the third "thought" and fifth post overall. I didn't keep track of the dates beyond the year, so the date is a guess.

This fortune cookie was too stupid not to share. The "8)" was a smiley indicating that I wear glasses. I'd been using it since back in my BBS days. (Yes, I typically skipped the "nose".) I stopped using it when a saw a emoticon list saying that the 8-) emoticon indicated the writer was rolling his eyes. That's not at all what I meant by it. — 28 May 2009]