13 March 1996

Thought (Bad Hair Day)

Current thought:
Just then the floating, disembodied head of
Colonel Sanders started yelling:

Everything you know is wrong
Black is white, up is down, and short is long
And everything you thought was just so
important doesn't matter
Everything you know is wrong
Just forget the words and sing along
All you need to understand is
Everything you know is wrong
This is a snippet of the song "Everything You Know Is Wrong" by "Weird Al" Yankovic, from his new album, Bad Hair Day. What are you waiting for? Go buy it now!

[From my "Past Tips of the Moment and Past Thoughts" page. This was the fourth thought and sixth post overall. I didn't keep track of the dates beyond the year, so the date is my best guess based on the album's release date. — 28 May 2009]