05 September 1997

Preview: Atari Gaming HQ (originally for Suite 101)

The creators of one of my five top picks, Atari Gaming Headquarters (AGH), have agreed to give Suite 101 users and exclusive preview of their newly redesigned web site! (The above link is for the frames version. There is also a non-frame version.) Before you start looking around, though, let me hit some of the highlights for you.

First, a small disclaimer. (Every one has them these days, so why should I be any different?) As of last report, the new site was 95% done. These means it's still possible to find a link or page that's not quite done yet. Please be understanding if you do find such an occurrence.

The Atari 2600 and 7800 section of AGH has been expanded. The previous version was a little lacking, but no longer. One of my favorite features is the Histories of Third Parties. I don't believe anyone has attempted to chronicle the 2600 third-party game companies before...but they should have!

The Atari 5200 section is still as strong as ever. The makers of AGH still have the Atari 5200 FAQ and other useful (and useless) information galore.

An interesting feature in the Other Sections is one of the first bits of the site AGH let me in on, the Puffer Project. This has to do with Atari's plans to create games for their consoles that would hook up to exercise equipment in the home, such as an exercise bicycle. There were also plans to put such devices in arcades and health clubs. In the end, the whole project was axed. Interestingly, I saw such a device some months ago that hooked up to a NordicTrack skier and either a Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo Entertainment System. And of course, there's also been a game called Prop Cycle in the arcade that has the player riding a device much like an exercise bike in order to control his on-screen counterpart.

Okay, now I'll leave it to you to explore the rest. There's plenty of information and pictures to keep you busy for days to come. I'd like to give special thanks to Keita Iida for being my point of contact with AGH and providing the information that made this article possible.

Here are the URLs to keep in mind:
Copyright 1997 i5ive communications inc. Used with permission.

[2013-04-28: Wow, the first Suite 101 article where all the links (except the frames one) still work!

Keita's name originally linked to his e-mail address. That's probably no longer valid, but I removed it, just in case.]

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