10 August 1998

Re: Stop me before I buy again!!!!

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In article <6qjhve$293@james.hwcn.org>, Chris Cracknell wrote:
>I got into this hobby to relive my childhood and fulfill of childhood fantasy
>of owning a shirt-load of atari 2600 carts. I didn't want to collect for
>other systems, just the 2600. It's what I had as a kid so why should I want
>to collect another system?

>I must curb this habbit. It all started out so innocently but now I'm
>running out of space. Stop me before I buy again!

It's not hopeless yet. You haven't bought any coin-ops. 8)

I started out like you: strictly 2600.

Then I found a 7800 and some games cheap, and justified it like you did.

Then my wife bought me a Gameboy for Christmas. The next year I got a SNES. Both get played very little, and luckily, I haven't bought very many cartridges for either...yet. I'm in trouble in a few years, though.

Someone gave me a Vectrex. Like you, I feel it's too cool not to keep.

I've had three friends give me Colecovisions. One included the Adam module, which I need to get rid of, but haven't yet. You wanna talk about a space hog?!?

I found an NES with a Power Pad and Short Order/Eggsplode and told myself it would be good exercise. And it was the six or so times I've played it since then. I told myself I would be very selective of the games I bought for it, but lately I've been getting this itch to buy NES games.

Then I bought an Intellivision because it was cheap and I was tired of not finding new 2600 games. So far I've succesfully kept myself from buying anything but complete, boxed games, so its' not out of control yet.

I bought a 5200 (w/ 2600 adapter) and a bunch of mint boxed 2600 & 5200 games a few months ago. I haven't even taken the time to test the thing yet! It's getting out of hand!

And this doesn't include the RCA Studio II, Microvision, one semi- and one non-working Channel F, and numerous dedicated consoles stored away in my room. And there's an original, non-working Atari Pong coin-op sitting in my garage waiting for me to fix it. Help!