05 June 2000

Brag: Weekend Intelly finds

[Originally posted to rec.games.video.classic.]

[As usual, I seem to have rambled on longer than intended. Skip to the list if you're in a hurry.]

I had to get a new battery for my car, which is not too far from a weekly flea market that I don't normally make it to. (A real flea market with junk, not so much new stuff.) First I spotted a bare Intellivision (I) console. (Pass.) Then I spotted a pong system in the box. As I was looking at it, I spotted another Intellivision (I) with some carts nearby. She wanted $15 for the console and 11-15 games (I forget).

Being light on cash (and not really needing another console and common carts to clutter up my already overcrowded space), I asked if she would consider selling any of the games separate. After mulling it over and realizing she could make more money that way (she actually said that), she agreed to sell the games for $1 each. I took seven that I thought were at least semi-rare. I passed on the pong since it didn't seem to be anything special. (I didn't even ask the price.)

I got home and found out most of the games weren't overly rare, but I did make one really good score. None of these are tested yet, but here's what I got (all loose unless otherwise indicated):
  • AD&D Treasure of Tarmin
  • Centipede
  • Congo Bongo (w/manual, missing one page)
  • Frogger (w/manual)
  • Q*bert
  • River Raid
  • Shark! Shark!
There's something odd about the Congo Bongo (the rarest of the batch by far). One of the screws has detached from the bottom half of the case, yet the label is intact and, except for peeling at the end, in great shape. In other words, the screw's still there under the label, but it's no longer screwed in.

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