22 June 2000

FIND: Super Simon & Inty games

[Originally posted to rec.games.video.classic.]

Okay, so that should probably be "[FINDS]".... Anyway, earlier this week I found a Super Simon in nice condition & with both battery covers in the box. Can anyone tell me (Lenny?) if Ralph Baer created this sequel to his most popular game? I couldn't find a price on it, but as luck would have it, one of the main pricers was by the cash register when I got there, so he let me have it for a buck. (Then he saw the $2.49 price written in small print, but let it go.) I also picked up a Sega Menacer, missing one eyepiece but otherwise complete, also in the box for $2. I saw it shortly after they got it, when it was marked at $12. I wasn't going to buy it at that price. Glad I checked the price again this time.

Off-topic, I also picked up the paperback Gidget Goes New York, thinking my wife might like it since she likes the movies. On a lark, I checked for it on eBay and was surprised at the profit I can probably make selling it. She said if I sell it before she reads it, that's fine.

Today I picked up a bag of 10 unboxed Intellivision games for $2.50. I broke my personal rule about only getting common carts if they were complete (box, docs, overlays) because it had Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in it. The only other game in the batch I didn't have was Triple Action. I was pleasantly surprised to find most of the games had the overlays tucked in their manuals. (I couldn't tell this before I bought it.) Here's the complete list (I=instructions, O=overlays):
  • Auto Racing (I(x2?),O)
  • Sea Battle (I,O)
  • D&D (INTV label)
  • Star Wars: TESB
  • LV Poker & Blackjack
  • Sub Hunt
  • Major League Baseball (O)
  • Triple Action (I,O)
  • NFL Football (all I,O)
  • Utopia (I,O)
[Ralph Baer is the creator of the world's first home video game console, the Magnavox Odyssey (not Odyssey2). He also created the original electronic Simon game. "Lenny" was addressed to Leonard Herman, who hung out on the group at the time. He confirmed Mr. Baer did indeed create Super Simon as well.]

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