07 January 2004

Re: Ever picked up a cart out of pity?

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Bass Guitar God wrote:
>Now here's the question: Have you ever "rescued" such a cart, purchased it,
>taken it home, cleaned it up, and add it to the stack of copies you already
>owned just out of respect for the game?

>And you cannot stand to see it like this, and figure that it would be much
>better in your care, until the time comes when you can at least give it to
>someone who could use it. Can anybody relate to this? I can!

Yes, and that's my problem! 8) I'm currently agonizing over that Pong clone I mentioned Monday. I went back and they wanted $15 for it! ($10 after I showed the lady the battery leakage.) I can't afford to pay $10 for the privilege of seeing if I can resuscitate it.

Today I went do a different thrift and found a Mattel D&D Computer Labyrinth game for $2! It was missing some pieces, of course, but in the (beat up) box. I went up to the counter and asked about opening it to check it out. I also made sure there wasn't an old battery in it and related my experience to the cashier. She said there were some thrift stores in town (didn't mention names) that price things based on how nice you're dressed. I figure that's what's happening to me, because I have to go on lunch hour from work. I also figure she was referring to that very store because I think all the rest in town put price tags on everything.

And before you suggest dressing down and going on the weekend or something, I've been making regular trips there so long they know my face. My only hope is to catch a time when a different lady is at the register. (I've never been fond of the one I had to deal with, and this is why.)

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