06 December 2004

A trip to Vulcan

[Originally posted to the Homewood High School class of 1989 Yahoo! Group.]

Two weeks before Thanksgiving, I took my two boys on a solo trip to Birmingham. This gave my wife a much needed break, as she's home-schooling and therefore gets almost no time away from them. My parents had some errands to do, so what to do with a 6- and 3-year-old in B'ham? Take 'em to the restored Vulcan!

I probably haven't been to Vulcan since college. For those unaware, they took Vulcan down for restoration a few years ago. The park has had a big overhaul as well, returning it to something closer to its 1938 roots. Gone is the enclosed viewing platform underneath him. Now it's a simple, open platform. There is still a glass elevator, but it now faces the south side (Homewood) instead of the west. You're free to take the stairs, as well. The first couple of flights are covered in marble, but above it's more utilitarian. The kids had a good time, although the 3-year-old didn't care for the platform. I hope I haven't given him acrophobia for life.

Oh, and Vulcan's spearhead is revealed once again. No longer does he carry a torch signifying when there's been a traffic fatality. There's also a museum and picnic area. Furthermore, you only have to pay for the museum and going to the top of Vulcan, so if you're short on dough you can still go up and take a look around the park.