28 May 2006

Re: Just a small brag [Mattel Football I handheld]

[Originally posted to rec.games.video.classic.]

In article , Relic wrote:
Went into a local thrift store earlier today and found a number of the old Mattel Electronics devices laying around their toy section. My guess is that someone got rid of their collection en masse judging how many devices were there. I just picked up three (fearing that they may not work); Football 1 (1977 copyright on back), Auto Race (1976 on back, missing the battery cover) and Battlestar Galactica Space Alert (1978, missing battery cover).

To add my own brag, I found a Football I at a church rummage sale for
$0.50 a month or two ago. And it had the battery cover, something the
one I've had since back in the '80s is missing. Works, too.

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