26 April 2011

Build Your Own (Cubeecraft) Rom

StormofDragons posted a link to his Cubeecraft Spaceknights (and Hellhound) to the Galador mailing list. Cubeecraft is essentially cube-like figures that you can make yourself by printing and cutting out the template. They're held together by tabs and slots, so no adhesive is needed, but I'd advise using card stock paper and a X-Acto knife. I just learned about these and therefore have no photos of the finished products, but here's what SoD said:
I have a number of papercraft models I've designed and built, and my youngest son wanted to participate in the hobby, so I found some that were up to his skill level. Cubeecraft are pretty basic, box shapes that require no glue or tape to assemble. Just print, cut, and assemble. My son and I have made dozens of these things related to anime, video games, and comic book characters.

That was when I realized there was a distinct lack of all things "Spaceknight."

To remedy this, I have designed a number of these Cubeecraft models over the last couple months, with the last 4 being Rom, Terminator, Javelin, and a Dire Wraith Hellhound.

I'm working on a male and female Dire Wraith, a Watchwraith, a Firefall, a Hammerhand, and a Starshine I. Eventually, I'll also do the Spaceknight Squadron, and a Gloriole. I want to have all the original Gen 1 Spaceknights represented.
So what are you waiting for? Get cutting!


  1. hey that's kinda cool i'll have to give it a try if i can get a hold of some thick paper stock that my printer can handle. maybe even post it if it comes out cool. by the way the ROM blog had it's one year birthday yesterday.

  2. Nice.

    Will get right on it.
    And now I HAVE no excuse to delay the build of my DR. STRANGE one as well.

    (Just gotta find.. or make... a Man-Thing so the trinity can be complete.)

    Thanks, Lee.