05 May 2011

Spaceknight art by Jeff Slemons

I hadn't heard of Jeff Slemons before, but he's apparently the one responsible for the Spaceknights piece you're seeing to the right. This piece of art, an ink illustration on 15" x 20" Strathmore 4-ply Plate Bristol, is currently up for auction on eBay. Don't consider this an endorsement of the seller, as I don't even know them, but it's at least worth looking at while the image is available.

UPDATE, 4:00 PM: I stand corrected. I have heard about Mr. Slemons before at David H.'s blog, but had forgotten. Still generally unfamiliar with him, though.


  1. i've seen this guys work before. i featured it on the ROM blog late last year:

  2. yes and just for the record i think quite highly of Mr. Slemon's work even though i don't know else he has done outside of a handful of ROM related renderings i've seen on the internet. i had found this piece myself a few days ago but it looks like you beat me too it as far as postings go. so i noticed your comment on my Annihilators #3 review posting about Immortus. unless i hear from you otherwise i'm gonna assume you weren't too crazy about this issue either.