19 June 2011

What if it's an elaborate joke?

Perhaps you've heard that J.K. Rowling, creator of Harry Potter, has a mysterious new web site called pottermore.com? It would seem to offer more Harry Potter, but so far the only official word is, "it's not another book". What if it's all a big, elaborate hoax?

I don't just mean PotterMore. Or rather not just that. What if there is no J.K. Rowling? Today, J.K. is an abbreviation for "just kidding", giving a hint of her non-existence. The person you know is just an actress fronting for the group behind the prank. Yes, prank.

Have you wondered why "Rowling" is pronounced like "rolling"? Perhaps it's the clue to what it's all about. Imagine there's a group that studied worldwide trends and determined a young wizard in a magical setting would be the next big thing. They went on to write seven books that only increased in popularity with each one, leading to a movie deal that only grew the Potter auidence more.

Now, as the audience reaches it's peak with the final movie about to be released, we get to pottermore.com and it's attention-getting "coming soon". Well, what if millions go to pottermore.com at the appointed time and find out why it's pronounced "rolling" as they get rickrolled, the largest rickroll in history!

Or maybe not.

17 June 2011

Shooter on Rom

If you're a Rom fan, you'll want to read Jim Shooter telling the tale of how he made the jump from toy to comics. And that's all I have to say on it right now.