16 April 2012

Rom "fan art" by Robb Waters

Over the years, I've built a up a backlog of Rom items to tell people about. Originally, they were to be featured on my website, Rom, Spaceknight Revisited. For various reasons -- okay, mainly because I'm lazy -- I've sat on them. Well, now I'm digging around through old e-mails and files to finally release them on the Internet.

I start with a painting of Rom by Robb Waters of Irrational Games. I don't really want to admit how long ago Mr. Waters sent this to me, but will say that at the time he was best known for his work on the computer game Freedom Force. Sorry, Mr. Waters, for taking so long to post this.

There's not much story behind this. There I was, minding my own business when I get an e-mail saying:
i came across your site and thought you might enjoy seeing my rom painting.

Needless to say, this sort of thing is why I try to keep RSR going. I've begun my Rom catch-up with this image because a) it's perhaps the oldest thing I've been meaning to post, b) it's a quick and easy one, but mostly c) I figure it'll make David over at that other Rom blog jealous. :-)


  1. NICE!
    Thanks for the sweet looking post.
    Glad to see you "back in the game".

  2. well how about this Lee you haven't been in a coma these past couple of months after all.

  3. So Glad you dug it out its and amazing piece and worthy of the big guy Thank you and thank you Dave for the link to check it out too!

  4. by the way Lee i'm not jealous. especially when i can appropriate this art for a very special and unique posting on the ROM blog that will go up tomorrow. i hope you don't mind (too much). not to worry i'll be sure to give you a plug.