21 May 2012

Fastner and Larson Rom Illustration

The above illustration is by Steve Fastner and Rich Larson, perhaps better known simply as Fastner and Larson.  A gent known as Gordon appears to be the first one to let me know about this back in 2005.  Someone finally sent a scan of it in 2006.  And I've just sat on it since.  Sorry!  I've been told this art was included in one of the pair's books, but I don't know which one.  If you do, please leave a comment or drop me a a line.

It also turns out that in the years since I was first told about it, Fastner and Larson have uploaded it to their own site.  I must warn you that much of the art on their site is not safe for work (NSFW), as it features scantily clad and less ladies.  But you can buy a $10 print (plus $5 shipping) or the $400 original Rom  illustration -- an 8½ x 11" work in marker and airbrush -- there.  Most intriguing, however, is that the site says this Rom illustration is "the study for a larger private commission."  I wonder what that looks like?


  1. I think my favorite type of ROM fan art might be pictures where the traditional comics version of him is heroically protecting people, especially a woman. There's another really, really good portrait out there by glovestudios (found on deviantart) of ROM saving Brandy.

    Today's post inspired me to count the files in my digital collection of "ROM Fan & Pro Appreciation" (in which I have two folders, "Artwork" & "Creations", the latter including your icons/cursors and others' statues, busts, custom action figures, costumes, t-shirts, bound comics volumes & cubees, a little over 100 files)...wow, thanks for the 336th Fan Art picture!

    I personally think the best piece I have is ~P~'s ROM vs. all his adversaries; he went the extra mile to surround the Spaceknight by all types of Wraiths & baddies from the comic series.

    Have you made any ROM portraits, Lee??

    1. No, I'm more a writer than an artist. The last time I tried drawing Rom (beyond his head) was probably middle school.

    2. Yay for ROM's simply designed head. ;-) And for you finding your niche & sharing your skills as you have.

  2. i just took a glance at www.fastnerandlarson.com/gallery.html and it had some pretty good stuff i'll definitely take a closer look when i have more time tonight.