13 August 2013

CD Covers Not on the Web

 As far as Google and Amazon seem to be concerned, the covers for these albums don't exist. Except maybe as a photo of the CD still in the case, not a proper, close up scan. Therefore, as a public service (and since I went to the trouble to scan them for myself), I present them here. Note that I did very little manipulation to make them look good, so if you're picky you might want to tweak them some more. But if you're like me and just want something to stick in iTunes, here you go. Click them to get the full-size images.

Greatest Dance Hits of the '60s (Performed by the Original Stars)

Greatest Love Songs of the '70s & '80s (Performed by the Original Stars)

Turn It Up: The Best of 80's Rock
Spectacular! (Charlie Balogh at the Wurlitzer Theater Pipe Organ, Organ Stop Pizza)
Berkeley! (Walter Strony at the Wurlitzer)
Happy Holidays from the Alabama Theatre

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