19 August 2013

The Other ROM Magazines

If you're a Rom fan, you're of course familiar with the above logo from his comic book. But did you know that the Marvel comic series wasn't the only periodical by the name of Rom? In fact, it wasn't even the first!

ROM: Computer Applications for Living was the first. It was a computer magazine that began publishing in 1977, two years before the comic book! However, it only lasted for nine monthly issues, meaning it folded before Marvel began even thinking about publishing theirs. This ROM was absorbed into Creative Computing, which included this ROM logo on the cover for a short time to announce it [source].

The next ROM magazine I know of came out of Canada and was "the magazine that brings the ATARI computer to life!" It started out as a rather amateur production in 1983, but improved quickly. However, it still seems to have lasted only ten issues [source 1, source 2].

The final ROM Magazine is still being published by the Royal Ontario Museum. It began its life as Rotunda in 1968, but switched to the ROM name in 2007 with the logo above [source].

Then this one in 2009.

And most recently this one in 2013. This also happens to be the museum's logo, which celebrates its centennial this year. But our beloved Spaceknight was 200 years old when he came to earth back in 1979, so he wins.

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  1. by the way Lee thanks for finding these i've done a lot of logo design in my time so seeing all these "ROM" variants is pretty cool.