04 February 2014

Rom the Space Knight Transformer

It seems I neglected to post about this when it was news, so here's a quick overview. The photo at right was a prototype for a potential addition to Hasbro's Transformers Bot Shots line as shown at the 2013 Toy Fair. The prototypes were all unlabeled, so its identity was a mystery. Later, a product listing got leaked to Transformers fandom which included an item called "TRA BOT SHOTS ROM THE SPACE KNIGHT A2587." Given the prototype's colors and the fact that it didn't match any known Transformer, said fandom decided that it must have been the prototype for Rom. Now, thanks to Joseph's comment and link provided on my previous post, we now know it appears this particular Bot Shot isn't coming to toy stores after all.

For more information on this, see the Transformers Wiki entry. And thanks to them for the photo.


  1. Im a big transformers fan as well as crazy ROM fan but the only way ROM the spaceknight makes any sense is them just using the trademark.Seems many transformers fans were confused as to why he was here named ROM the Spaceknight, Botshots are for little littke so here is hoping they try again and come up with somthing better to release as ROM. I wonder if this counts as trademark being used even if it never was released?

  2. I'm pretty certain it doesn't. (I am not a lawyer.) They have to actually sell something to the public, or at least advertise it widely. A preview at Toy Fair, especially where they don't label the toy, doesn't count.