08 November 2011

A pair of Rom mentions in blog posts

Today I came across two mentions of Rom on the blogosphere. First, Jim Shooter spoke of Steve Ditko, noting "Giving Steve work is easier said than done. He’s very particular about what he will and won’t do. [. . . ] He refused to work on any books with 'flawed' heroes. [. . .] Fortunately, we had ROM, Spaceknight. ROM fit Steve’s criteria well enough."

Next, Marvel Comics of the 1980s today features some of Bill Sienkiewicz's original art from Rom. Enjoy!

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  1. thanks for the heads up on that Sienkiewicz posting i'm glad i decided to have a look over here instead of just relying the blog role to see what you got goin on.
    check out this ROM tribute video i through together with a program i just discovered this morning: