21 July 2011

JLA/Avengers dueling editorials

On his blog, former Marvel Editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter is currently writing about the DC/Marvel crossover specials from his tenure and why the original JLA/Avengers crossover never happened. In Part 4 of "The Secret Origin and Gooey Death of the Marvel/DC Crossovers", he mentioned the editorial he wrote in Marvel Age#19 and the rebuttal written by his DC counterpart, Dick Giordano, but said he couldn't find them quickly on the Internet. So I figured I'd help out.

This took place somewhat early in my comic book collecting days, when I was just beginning to branch out to publishers other than Marvel. But I remembered reading Giordano's editorial, so figured I could probably help out if I scoured my collection. Little did I know!

Marvel Age#19 was easy. It was right in the box where I left it. (Click images to view larger versions.)

The first part of Giordano's response is available at the Last of the Famous International Fanboys blog, but he was unable to find the second part. Even though I wasn't buying a lot of DC comics at the time, I figured I must have it somewhere. I checked a couple of DC comics cover dated January 1985, but it wasn't in them. I went to the Grand Comic Book Database and did an advanced search to find all the January 1985 DC comics. It turns out I have very few. Finally, as I'm almost out of options, I find it. It's in a comic in my "to sell" box that has yet to find a new home: Robotech Defenders #1.

Now to post comments on those blogs to direct people here. I highly recommend you check them both out.


  1. Great find! I intended to search my collection today but I would not have been able to scan it...thanks!!

  2. OK... this is going to be a bit of a read...
    That Marvel Age column... daaammmmnnnn....

    I could probably just pull my own copy, but it's nice that it's here with the rebuttal.

    I'll bookmark and return.
    As usual, Thanks Lee.

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