23 April 2013

Robb Waters Does It Again

Once again, Robb Waters has done Rom art.  This time it's a portrait of the action figure.  It's part of a series of portraits of various superheroes and science fiction characters.  And it's actually from 2011, but I'm just now discovering it.

If you missed it, here are the two previous Robb Waters works featured on the blog.


  1. i actually came across this art a couple of weeks ago. it's nice from the stand point of the colors and brush strokes. but i would have really preferred a different Rom related image then just a head shot of the Parker Brothers toy. i liked the acrylic painting from Rob Waters you featured here awhile back much more.

  2. Did you visit that entry on Water's blog (linked above)? It really should be viewed as part of the set, but I didn't want to duplicate the whole set here, just highlight the Rom portrait. They're all head shots.

    1. yeah i saw the whole gallery. i suppose it's artistically innovative in a Andy Warhallish sorta way but it over all just wasn't my thing. a painting of Rom's head as drawn in the comics would have gone further with me.

  3. new fan art of ROM not blasting something with his neutralizer. i like the basic concept and the use of color along with the stylized way this is done but the way Rom him self is rendered kinda spoils this for me: http://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=1013293&GSub=121187